PiggyBack® PB50 Forklift

With its introduction In 2003, the Princeton PiggyBack PB50 Forklift set a new standard in the truck mounted forklift industry. Since then, the PB50 has been updgraded with many standard features and continues to be the machine by which all other forklifts in the industry are judged.

PiggyBack® Advantages

The PB50’s proven, rugged design...unsurpassed stability...high-visibility, center seating...and exceptional power on the job site make the PB50 the most popular Piggy Back Forklift model. The PB50 has proven to be one of the most versatile, truck mounted forklifts for rough terrain deliveries. With it you can spot-deliver materials, precisely where they are needed, virtually anywhere on your job site. Standard features include 86”, 120” or 144” two stage masts, anti-stall hydraulics drive system with flip-of-the-switch Trac-Loc drive control, your choice of tires, and a clean running and powerful  Kubota ® Diesel.


Features & Benefits