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Shingles, roofing tiles, bulky insulation...No Problem. The stability, maneuverability, and power of Princeton’s PiggyBack® Forklift line has proven almost indispensable in the delivery of construction materials of all kinds, particularly roofing materials of all kinds. Now, deliver these products to precisely where they will be used at the delivery site, maximizing both customer service and delivery efficiency.

The Concept

The Princeton PiggyBack® Truck-Mounted Forklift is a proven method for delivery heavy-duty building materials directly to the job site. Historically, these materials were delivered to the edge of a site by a dump bed truck or truck-mounted crane. Costly double-handling of these materials was then required by the customer to get them to where they would be used. The PiggyBack® truck-mounted forklift enables your driver to spot-deliver materials precisely where your customer wants them, faster and easier, on virtually any work site with unmatched stability.

A PiggyBack® can save you a lot of money both by eliminating virtually all double-handling and by reducing delivery related product damage. It also is invaluable for pickups or for correcting misplacement of products on the job site.

Princeton's PiggyBack® Truck-Mounted Forklifts are available in many, different models with a wide range of available lift heights...capacities up to 8,000 lb... and other, special features that allow it to be configured to your, specific delivery requirements. All PiggyBack® units mount in less than a minute behind virtually any truck or trailer for easy transport to and from the job site.

If you currently use tow-behind or trailered forklifts, you already recognize the benefits of having a portable unloading unit with your delivery vehicle. The Princeton PiggyBack® Truck-Mounted Forklift provides all these benefits in a highly efficient package that eliminates the complications of towed vehicles.

The Solution

There are five, distinct PiggyBack® models designed specifically for use in the delivery of roofing materials.


The 5,500 lb. capacity PB55+ is the hands down favorite choice of the roofing industry. It's rugged design, center seat and powerful diesel engine make it ideal for most roofing applications. The PB55+ has great stability, excellent ground clearance and Princeton’s exclusive Trac-Loc traction control system to tackle the roughest job sites.



The 5,500 lb. capacity PB55X+ is the first unit in the industry equipped with a standard "Double Reach" feature. This unique feature, which adds an extending scissors reach system to the standard moving mast, doubles the length of the reach of the PB55X+ across the bed. With the PB55X+, your driver now can unload an entire truck or trailer from one side, even from positions where tanks or tandems are located.



The PiggyBack® PB45 is one of the most stable and reliable three wheel-drive 4,500 lb. capacity machine on the market. The machine comes standard with a powerful and reliable 48 HP diesel engine, anti-stall hydraulics, 29" tires, center seating and Trac-Loc for added traction on rugged terrain. The machine is available with either a moving mast or scissors mast. In addition, in the Lo-Pro configuration, the machine is able to deliver a variety of materials to areas previously inaccessible – as low as 81"!


PB55+ 4-Way

The 5,500 lb. capacity PiggyBack® PB55+ 4-Way offers the most versatility in truck-mounted forklifts. It has the lift capacity and power of a PB55+, but adds four directional steering. With the flip-of-a-switch the PB55+ 4-Way  converts into side-directional mode permitting the unit to be driven sideways in the direction of the load. driving the unit “sideways” in the direction of the load. Ideal for delivering extra long loads in those hard to negotiate, highly congested areas previously inaccessible at most construction job sites. Nothing can outmaneuver or outperform the versatile PiggyBack®  PB55+ 4-Way.

All Princeton units exceed ANSI stability standards for rough terrain forklifts.